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A Fresher's Guide to Bristol

Moving into a totally new city can be really daunting, especially when you have some really precious bikes in tow. Here's a little guide about Bristol, what to take to uni and some good places to know.

What bike kit should I think about taking?

  • A Bike

    • If you have one! We do have bikes available for hire too

  • Mudguards

    • Whilst you may not want to think about it, we are coming into winter and Bristol can be quite a rainy place. We would REALLY recommend getting some decent mudguards.

  • Bike wash kit

    • In the same sense, you will get a pretty dirty bike in the winter. Keeping it nice and sparkly will mean that it will ride nicer and will last longer

  • Winter kit

    • Again, its getting into the winter and you're definitely going to want to be warm on the bike. There's nothing worse than a cold ride! Think about a good thick winter jacket, bib tights (roadies) or baggies (mtb senders), a rain jacket, overshoes, and thick and warm winter gloves are a must.

  • Good lights (front and rear)

    • We all want you to be safe on the roads. Often you can get caught out and have to ride in the dark. Having some really good lights will make sure that you're able to see and are safe on the roads.

  • Puncture repair kit

    • On all rides you should be taking a puncture repair kit with you. Its important that you are able to get yourself home if something does happen.
    • This can be a spare tube or a specific patch kit.

  • Spare brake pads

    • You'll be surprised at how fast you can go through brake pads so make sure to bring some spares with you!

  • Bike bottles

    • Fueling is important, having some energy drink or some water to take with you is essential on our rides. This will make the ride much easier I promise!

  • Bike pump

    • Keep those tyres inflated! Make sure to have one that you can take with you on the bike if you do have a puncture.

  • Bike lock

    • Bike theft is pretty bad in Bristol. Having some security will give you peace of mind.

  • Helmet

    • We have a strict no helmet, no ride policy. It is the law to ride with one.

  • Tools to fix your bike

    • If confident, then this is a much cheaper way to maintain you're bike than taking it into a bike shop. However for anything that you aren't comfortable with, head to Trek Bristol and they can sort you out


Good places to know in Bristol

  • Trek Bristol
  • 1b Pitville


Where should I ride?

Check out our routes page for some ideas


Why join

Join in competitions

Improve your fitness

Make friends and connections